NEW IN BOX GE 2 pole 40 amp plug in gfi gfci ground fault circuit breaker thql2140gf1 2P 40A 120V thql2140gft Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Double-Pole Circuit Breaker has a tin-plated copper stab that creates permanent and corrosion-resistant connection. it measures the leakage to ground. Save 10%. 120/240 VAC. ~ please feel free to email me for price, pick-up or shipping information. Standard continuous current rated. The attached screw stabilizes the calibration for optimum performance. Square D Homeline 40-Amp 2-Pole GFCI Circuit Breaker. GE 50 Amp 1” Single Pole Circuit Breaker. Item #2144947. 14 to 8 KCMIL (copper) or 12 to 8 KCMIL (aluminium) wire … GE THQL2120GFT Plug-in Mount Type THQL Feeder Self-Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 2-Pole 20 Amp 120/240 Volt AC QE240 40-Amp Double Pole 240-Volt Ground Fault Equipment Protection Circuit Breaker 10 Total Score Excellent Best ge gfci breaker 40 amp: Top-Rated Brands & What to Buy User Rating: 4.44 (123 votes) ★★★★★ $114.30 $90.00 Buy Now […] Once we figured out which figured out which diagram to use (there were 6 choices) then we hooked up the 20 amp 2 pole with the neutral load then to the neutral isolated bar then the 30 amp 2 pole required "no neutral" which was news to me. GE 20 AMP 1” GFCI Single Pole Breaker. No ratings or reviews yet. There may be a neutral wire with the CB in case a multiwire ciruit is used. Visit site. As soon as I touch the ground wire from the (inground) pool to the pump motor the breaker trips. Compare Click to add item "GE® 20 -Amp 2-Pole 1/2" Circuit Breaker" to the compare list Add To List Click to add item GE® 20 -Amp 2-Pole 1/2" Circuit Breaker to your list Sku # 3673719 Add to wish list. Many More Circuit Breakers Types/Models Available! Free 2-day shipping. item 2 GE Q-Line 20 Amp Single-Pole Dual Function Arc Fault/GFCI Breaker 2 - GE Q-Line 20 Amp Single-Pole Dual Function Arc Fault/GFCI Breaker. Class A denotes a ground fault circuit interrupter that will trip when a fault current to ground is 6 milliamperes or more. The Square D by Schneider Electric Homeline 40 Amp Two-Pole GFCI circuit breaker is designed for overload and short-circuit protection, combined with Class A ground fault protection. for pricing and availability. This was a brand of Hot tub that was fed from a 2 pole 30 amp and 2 pole 20 amp breakers. GE TEY240, Bolt On Circuit Breaker, 2 Pole, 40 Amp, 277/480 VAC, 10 AWG to 4 AWG Copper/Aluminum, Non-Interchangeable Trip Description The TEY is a one-inch wide per pole, compact, "bolt-on" circuit breaker for use on grounded 480Y/277 Vac systems. I put in a 2 pole gfi breaker and ran a 10-3 to the tub. 120/240 or 208Y/120 VAC. … GE Electrical THQL2120 Q Line 2 Inch 20 Amp Interchangeable Breaker ... ONE Square D QOB240GFI 2 Pole 40 Amp Circuit Breaker Ground Fault Bolt On. I have a 60 amp GFCI 2 pole breaker to install at the panel, I belive the pigtail on the breaker attaches to the nuetral bar at the panel, is this correct? From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided. AU $102.38. for pricing and availability. Will all v GFCI breakers work without a neutral. General Electric THQB2140 2-Pole 40 Amp Molded Case Circuit Breaker | Bay Power GFCI breaker is provided with an auto-monitoring function that will allow for periodic automatic testing of the ability of the device to respond to a ground fault; The automatic test shall be initiated with 5 … It is fed by a 4/2 romex. Going further, I removed the motor from the circuit and by just touching the pool ground to the ground wire of the supply line, it … THQB2140 circuit breaker by General Electric. CH240GFT - Eaton Cutler-Hammer Ground Fault Circuit Breaker. They also are listed for use in panels from Pentair, Jandy, Hayward and Intermatic. Buy GE - THQL2130GFT 30A 120/240V Self-Testing 2-Pole GFCI Plug-In Circuit Breaker at Free shipping. A GFCI does not require a neutral to operate. GE 20 AMP 1” Single Pole Arc Fault Breaker. THQB Q-line miniature/moulded case circuit breaker. When I replaced the current 2-pole 40 amp circuit breaker with a 2-Pole 40 amp GFCI replacement for electric range the circuit trips and does not turn on. I have confirmed that it's wired correctly and have not been able to figure out why it's tripping. It is fed by a 2 pole 60 amp breaker from the main panel "cutler hammer". 2. THQL2140GF1 - GE 40 Amp GFCI Breaker The GE Ground Fault Circuit Breaker with Self-Test has a tin plated copper stab to create a reliable, permanent and corrosion resistant connection. Shop new, used & certified reconditioned at Bay Power. GE GENERAL ELECTRIC THQB2140 NEW CIRCUIT BREAKER 20A 2 POLE 120/240 VAC. Free shipping. 2 Pole Gfci Breaker Wiring Diagram 2 pole gfci breaker no neutral electrician talk would a 2 pole gfci breaker work supplying a motor load only by just hooking up the curly wire to bar 2 hots and ground. CU-AL LOAD LUGS. The Siemens GFCI circuit breaker (Type QF) by Siemens Energy and Automation offers personal GFCI protection (5 mA) for use in Siemens load centers that accept Type QF circuit breakers. The calibration screw is cemented to prevent shifting and provides a stable connection. ... GE 40 Amp 1/2” Double Pole Circuit Breaker. TEB122040WL - GE 40 Amp 2 Pole 240 Volt Molded Case Circuit Breaker General Electric Lug. The Siemens QF240A is a 2 pole GFCI plug in circuit breaker. Siemens QF240A 2 Pole GFCI Breaker. GE 50 Amp 1” Double Pole Circuit Breaker. I don't know if the internal circuitry in a 208 V GFCI CB operates at 120 and requires the neutral for its internal circuitry, I would not think so. $38.95. MADE IN U.S.A. These breakers are intended for use in Siemens EQ, Siemens Ultimate, ITE, and Gould load centers. item 1 GE THQL2140GFT 40A 120/240V Self-Testing 2-Pole GFCI Plug-In Circuit Breaker - GE THQL2140GFT 40A 120/240V Self-Testing 2-Pole GFCI Plug-In Circuit ... item 2 New GE 2 Pole 40 Amp GFI GFCI THQL2140GFT - New GE 2 Pole 40 Amp GFI GFCI THQL2140GFT. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with Cord (GFCI) $18.95. Connecticut Electric UBIF0240N Federal Pacific UBI Thin 40 Amp 2 Pole Circuit Breaker $ 73.49 $ 82.09. The Siemens QF240A is a 2 pole GFCI plug in circuit breaker. Quick view. I looked at the installation manual and in it was a wiring diagram that showed the neutral of the house and then from the breaker to the hot tub 2 phases and the ground. The GE Q-Line 40 Amp 2 in. Schneider Electric HOM240GFIC Homeline 40 Amp Two-Pole GFCI Circuit Breaker.The Square D by Schneider Electric Homeline 40 Amp Two-Pole GFCI circuit breaker is designed for overload and short-circuit protection, combined with Class A ground fault protection. It is UL listed (10,000 AIC, 2-pole, 40 amps GFCI). Eaton Cutler Hammer CH series double pole 40 ampere plug-in molded case circuit breaker with maximum voltage rating of 240V tripping method thermal magnetic and standard interrupting rating of 10 kiloampere at 240V complete with ground fault protection (LI) long-time and instantaneous trip functions. Shipping and handling item 3 GE THQL1120DFP Breaker 20A 120V Dual Function - NEW 3 - GE THQL1120DFP Breaker 20A 120V Dual Function - NEW. Model #HOM240GFIC. GE 20 Amp 1” Single Pole Circuit Breaker. BOLT-ON LINE. Suitable for reverse feed. Non-interchangeable trip style. Q-line frame type. Also the 2 hots tie to the breaker so does the 3rd wire to the spa go to the nuetral bar or to the ground bar, which are are isolated at the panel. Be the first to write a review. Wiring a double-pole, 40-amp circuit breaker for a central air conditioning system is something that any moderately skilled DIY electrician can accomplish without difficulty. It has a 40 amp current rating and a voltage rating of 120/240V. $100.00. GE THQB2120GFT 2 Pole 20 Amp GFCI Bolt-On Circuit Breaker.